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Muchulo (Celebrating harvest) - Idjwi: 26 January 2021

Celebrating recently harvested sweet potatoes!


Muchulo - Idjwi: 17 October 2020

Pygmies group preparing the ground for farming. This  is a dream come true for these indigenous people. Having the means to grow their own food and learn how to practice sustainable  agriculture is one of their most cherished advancements. This was never the case a few years ago!  A second plot was purchased at Muganzo about 45 minutes walk from Muchulo. The Pygmies did their first planting in August. Seeds from the harvest will be put away for planting in February 2021.

Muchulo - Idjwi: 17 October 2020

 Sewing lessons were launched at Muchulo and the pygmy ladies are learning how to  mend  and make their own clothes. In addition they are also making some table cloths that they can sell to earn some income.  Several sewing machines were purchased and Judith is teaching the ladies how to sew.  


Muchulo - Idjwi: 19 September 2020

Grain distribution to supplement the diet. In the near future the pgymy community will be independently growing their own food.

Muchulo - Idjwi: 10 July 2020

Muchulo administration centre is nearly complete. 

Patmos: 30 June 2020

Primary school construction at Patmos has been slowed down by the COVID – 19 pandemic. The Rwandese construction company in charge of the construction stopped its operations. 


Kamiro - Idjwi: 30 June 2020

Kamiro chick incubation.


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