Kamiro Industrial Site

As part of the initiative of alleviating  the Idjwi population from poverty and empowering the youth to attain practical skills in industry and commerce. This  industrial hub  is a model for community development and empowerment. Various trades are taught at the industrial site and the produce is sold to neighbouring villages and countries.  


Ongoing projects


The IDJWI island population is  estimated to be at 216,000 inhabitants as of July 2015, and 89.60 percent are cassava farmers, and a combined  66 percent are interested in growing corn and soybeans. Advanced agricultural breeding techniques are being used to combat the plant diseases that mainly affect bananas and cassava (Wit Bactérien).  New breeds of bananas and cassava have been developed that are disease resistant.  Cassava and maize are ground and packaged and they  supplement diet for  the island community.



All industrial activities on the site are powered by a hydroelctric station that produces about 10 MW per hour from the Tama river.  This is more than enough  to power the campus, therefore, some of the power is used to run the independent coffee bean plant just next to the campus and the rest is fed into the grid to power the administration centre in Bugarula about 15 km away. With the help of  UNDP we increased our power generation capacity by the upgrading of the turbine, the alternator, and the regulator.


Soap making

Palm kernel oil extracted from palm nuts is pressed to produce oil for soap manufacturing. The soap produced is in the form of bars and powder and is highly on demand on the Island and surrounding regions (Rwanda, Bukavu, Goma, KALEHE).


Chicken and Turkey farming

Two incubation units have been installed and they produced over 1000 chicks per week. Some of the  chicks are sold to the locals. There is also some turkey and chicken  rearing which produces some of the best breeds on the island.

Spring water and juice factory

A nearby spring provides water which under goes filtration, purification and bottling. The purified water is also sold locally. A fruit juice factory is also in the vicinity and a range of naturally flavoured juices are produced which include;  pineapple, banana, mango, passion fruit, orange, and sugar cane.

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Other activities

Water and Sanitation

In partnership with with ICC-Vancouver we have managed to supply clean water to four villages (BUSHONGA, BWESHU, KISHUMBU, and BUKINANYANA),) with a total population of 1300. This has lowered the cases of diseases such a cholera and typhoid.


 We are carrying out a re afforestation program to restore our indigenous trees and to combat soil erosion.

 Machine shop 

We train the youth how to weld and do carpentry to occupy their time and to promote entrepreneurship. 

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