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your health is your wealth

Millions of children in Africa are malnourished. Malnutrition and poor health affect a  child’s future prosperity

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Your Health is Your Wealth

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PROLASA Health Care

PROLASA Health Care Services provides free and /or inexpensive services to the people in the vicinity of Lake Kivu. Two centres namely PROLASA Medical centre in Goma and PROLASA University Clinic on Idwji are currently in operation.

PROLASA Medical Centre (Goma)

The centre is situated in GOMA under the Kituku district and offers services in General Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Medical Imaging, Ophthalmology and Optometry.

A mobile clinic is also available providing health care to patients living in very isolated peripheral environments. Services  offered include nursing, oral care, eye care, medical imaging, family planning, HIV / AIDS prevention, and EVAM services. Dr Odilong is in charge of the centre’s administration and welfare.

Goma medical centre

PROLASA University Clinic (Idjwi Island)



The University Clinic on the island of Idjwi  offers services in General Surgery, Medical Laboratory and Blood Bank which is kept running with the aid of solar energy. The Island inhabitants also come to the clinic to receive malaria treatment and education on basic hygiene and how to take care of themselves.

university clinic

Malnutrition Centre

The centre located next to the University clinic was established by Brianna; a young lady from the USA It serves as a dietary rehabilitation unit for malnourished children. Inadequate diet and underlying diseases have contributed to increased malnutrition cases on the island. The centre offers training programmes to parents on how to prepare a balanced diet, how to grow wholesome food and how to prevent diseases such as malaria. Claudine; one of the care givers is a nurse at the centre and a former graduate of UNILAI.

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Muchulo Pygmy Clinic

This centre is at the heart of the Muchulo Pygmy site (see Projects) and it serves to provide midwifery services to the Pygmy women. Infant mortality rate is high in this community and the clinic which is still under construction will serve as a health care centre for the Pygmies. Currently, Jacques and Gervais former graduates of UNILAI are working as resident nurses.

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