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The PROLASA Education Department is comprised of several institutions. These include a Primary School, Secondary School and the University of Idjwi in Kashébéré, on the Island of Idjwi and the La Sagesse II Secondary School and ISTAC — a School of Nursing and Medical Imaging in the City of Goma.

Complèxe Scolaire PROLASA, Kashébéré, Idjwi

The Complèxe Scolaire PROLASA is the Primary School on the campus of the Patmos Children’s Village located in Kashébéré on the Island of Idjwi, South Kivu. There are 345 students in the Patmos Primary School — 27 are orphan children from the Patmos Children’s Village, 103 are orphans from the surrounding community and 215 are village students. School fees for the Complèxe Scolaire PROLASA are $120 USD / year. This includes supplies, school fees and insurance.
The Principal of the Complèxe Scolaire is Mr. Bahati Murdoma LaVie.

Institut Technique Professionelle d’Idjwi (ITPI)

The Idjwi Professional Technical Institute is a secondary school on the campus of the Patmos Children’s Village. It has 286 students in 5 sections: Building Construction, Mechanics, Commercial, Education and Biochemistry.
The Prefet of ITPI is: Daniel Cyiza Singayinka.

Muchulo Pygmy Primary School

A school was set up at the Pygmy village at Muchulo. The pygmy children are taught how to read and write. Their parents also joined the classes and are excited to take classes with their children.

University of Idjwi (UNILAI)

The University of Idjwi is located 1 km from the Patmos Children’s Village on the Island of Idjwi. It has four faculties — Public Health, Psychology / Education, Business Management, and Applied Sciences — Civil Engineering, Political Science and Agronomy.

Complèxe Scolaire La Sagesse II

The Complèxe Scolaire La Sagesse II is a PROLASA Secondary School located in Goma, North Kivu. It has 4 sections — Education, Biochemistry, Social Sciences and Commerical/Administration. There are 501 students studying at La Sagesse II..

Institut d’Enseignement Supérieur de Technologie en Afrique (ISTAC)

This institution of higher learning has three sections: Nursing, Medical Imaging and Computer Science. There are 420 students at ISTAC.

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