Patmos Children’s Village

Patmos Children’s Village

The Patmos village is home to 180 children who are either orphans or abandoned. Civil unrest has led to the disruption of families and as a result over 1 million have lost their lives. As PROLASA International we have brought together children from the Far North in BENI, very close to the BENI MAVIVI airport. Those from the territory of RUTSHURU in the city of GOMA, as well as children from the territory of FIZI, UVIRA, MWENGA, SHABUNDA, KABARE, WALUNGU, and KALEHE. We have also managed to house some of the children at the Adventist School Centre of NYAMITABA in MASISI. With the help of ICC we have managed to bring hope, life , and opportunity to these to these children. 


Life on Patmos


The children have an opportunity to receive an education up to tertiary level. To date we have managed  to support 100 children up to tertiary level. Some of the skilled graduates are now helping within the organisation as healthcare workers, administrators, and technicians.


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Health Care

 Most of the abandoned children are malnourished and sickly. The University Clinic in conjunction with the Malnutrition Centre provide free and quality  medical care.



Psycho-Social Assistance

The Patmos village is comprised of children from different tribes and different corners of the country and most of them have suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) because of the civil unrest, and the loss of family members. There are qualified psychologists and social workers who are available to children and they assist in rehabilitating them. 

In this same area they are organized sport and leisure (entertainment): The PATMOS village organizes games and sports in different areas including swimming, football, basketball, marathon, athletics; we also organize different traditional dances, biblical games, etc …



The PATMOS Children’s Village is currently made up of 12 homes, and house accommodates an average of 15 children. Each home  supervised by a Dad, a Mum, and an Aunt. Children participate in different household chores such as cooking, washing up, hygiene, and sanitation, field work, finding firewood, and reforestation.





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Other activities

Elementary school

In partnership with with ICC-Vancouver we have managed to construct a new school with a capacity of 200. The construction is at its final stages. 




House 10

We are building a new house at the Patmos village. The house is yet to be completed. 

 If anyone would like to donate to this project and help support a child and the Patmos Village, Canadian donations can be made to PROLASA Canada by cheque, PayPal, credit card or e-transfer.  A CRA receipt will be issued for these donations.  US donations can be made to International Children’s Care  The donation should be marked as PROLASA Patmos Village and an IRS receipt will be issued by ICC for these donations.   


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